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Gasket Guy UK manufacture, supply and install commercial refrigeration door seals for Foster refrigeration and freezer appliances. Foster was the first company to produce professional storage refrigeration in the UK in 1968 so with over 50 years as commercial refrigeration suppliers there are many models of Foster fridges, walk-ins, cabinets, counters, blast chillers, freezers, display cabinets and other appliances in use.

Foster is a very popular brand found in many commercial kitchens and Gasket Guy can replace most model’s door seals even old and out of production appliances.

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Gasket Guy UK currently have the following gasket types for Foster refrigeration and freezer units available for online ordering. If you cannot see the cross-section profile you require for a commercial applicance please contact us directly or use our live chat as we may still able to source a suitable gasket for you.

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