Gasket Fitting Information / Tips

Before Fitting - As soon as you receive your gaskets/seals from us, take them out of the box. Due to the nature of plastic, they are likely to have some kinks which will straighten out over time. Lay them out in a warm room. After about an hour they should be ready to fit.

During fitting - Always push each corner in place first before working to the centre of each side. This will make life easier for you. Push all corners in before pushing your way along the rest of the seal. This is important because the weight of the seal can stretch the gasket/seal and make it appear too long.

Gasket Installation

After Fitting - The gasket/seal will only work correctly if the door and the frame are flush and the appliance is reasonably level. If these are achieved, then the seal created should be fine. Sometimes the magnetic strength of the Gasket/Seal can feel a little weak initially. This is very common and the magnet often takes at least 14 days to return to full strength. But you should begin to detect this beginning to get stronger after three to five days.

Heating your gasket to ensure a better fit - It is also possible that the profile of the gasket/seal becomes squashed. This can mean some sections of the seal/gasket are not forming a correct seal. You can use a hairdryer or heat gun to apply some medium-heat to areas that swell. The heat will bring the profile back to its original shape. It is important you do not apply heat that is too intense.

Gasket Fitting Tips

If you would like assistance fitting or installing a gasket. Please contact our experts or request a GasketGuy visit.

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