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Buy from us and you’re buying British, as we manufacture your seals right here in the UK. Plus buying from Gasket Guy means a faster, cheaper, greener service.

Just think for a moment about how many appliances you have, how many different makes and models. Then consider having to deal with a variety of wholesalers, or original equipment manufacturers who could be based in Europe, USA or China. And who may or may not have the seals you need in stock. Your eventual bill will reflect the cost of multiple couriers, shipping, customs declarations, add-ons by wholesalers. Not to mention the time spent on sourcing suppliers in the first place.

The clock is ticking in other ways too. Delays in supply, hold-ups in shipping, can mean loss of business, energy, stock – and hard-won reputation both with customers and hygiene ratings. Companies also need to be playing their part in the Government’s current pledge to reduce carbon emissions by 78% in 2035. A faulty seal means your appliance has to work harder to retain its cool.

But you can stop that clock. Buy your seals from us and you won’t be buying them plane tickets and waiting while they clear customs. We carry huge stocks and swiftly make to order, so you immediately reduce your air/road miles. We can dispatch in one order too, so you’re not receiving multiple parcels from different countries. Our fast service means you can reduce your energy bill and minimise stock loss, retain your customers and protect your hygiene ratings.

Many of our customers now order online and use our easy guides to fit their seals, again saving time and travel costs, once again reducing your carbon footprint.

Buying British not only keeps your spend in the UK, but helps you to stand out as a company committed to green and energy saving initiatives. Whether you’re a national chain, an independent business or a service engineer, there has never been a more important time to demonstrate your green credentials to your customers.

Frequently asked questions

Do you replace door seals for domestic fridges or freezers?

In most cases the answer is no, as the seal is normally bonded to the door. However, some domestic appliances do have replaceable seals which are fitted into a track on the door. In this instance, just visit our Find a Seal page to identify what’s required. You can also send us photos if you need assistance.

My old commercial fridge has no make or model info. How can I find a replacement door seal?

We can match your existing door seal to the many profiles we have available. Once you have identified the correct match, we make the seal to your exact specifications. Visit our Find a Seal page to identify your door seals. Send us photos if you need help.

How do I find the right door seal?

GasketGuy has hundreds of commercial refrigeration seals available on our product page.

If you have any issue identifying the correct freezer gasket or fridge seal, simply visit our Find A Seal page. You can also send us photos of your existing door seal so we can assist you in selecting the correct match.

For South West customers, GasketGuy can inspect, make and install your commerical fridge door seals on the day with our GasketGuy service. Why not request a visit?

I have found my replacement seal but what measurements are needed for me to order?

To manufacture your replacement seal, we simply need to know the exact height and width. Go to our Find a seal page and follow our measurements guide. The truest measurement is from where the seal pushes into the track on the door. For all other seals without a dart, the measure is from the absolute outside edge of the existing door seal itself.

British Made Fridge Seals

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  • Quality product

Buy from us and you're buying British, as we manufacture your seals right here in the UK. Plus buying from Gasket Guy means a faster, cheaper, greener service.

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