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Replacement door seals may seem like a small part of the commercial refrigeration world but they’re one of the most time-consuming items to source. With thousands of different makes and models of fridges and freezers in circulation, not forgetting obsolete equipment and appliances with no data plates, it all adds up to a serious door seal headache.

Your admin team or your service engineers will have begun the hunt, trying Original Equipment Manufacturers, wholesalers or various suppliers, often resulting in multiple emails, long lead time or not enough data to identify the correct part. Then, after weeks of waiting, the seals finally arrive - and don’t fit.

But there is another way. We are a one-stop shop for all your door seal needs. We have more than 200 profiles for most makes and models of commercial refrigeration including supermarket cabinets and cold rooms. We can even manufacture seals for appliances that are old, obsolete or don’t even have any data.

We also offer a Gasket Asset Register to deliver 100% serviceability. If you work across a chain of businesses, an asset register enables swift quotations, ordering and dispatch of all your seals. You can choose between online ordering using our handy profile measurement guides or our make and fit service.

Buying direct from us removes multiple profit on cost as well as paying a range of different prices if you purchase elsewhere. Gasket Guy offers competitive trade prices together with up to 15% discounts.

Serviceability is a key factor with most contracts. Time sensitive SLA’s can result in financial costs or even loss of a contract. Being able to provide a swift efficient solution for your customers’ door seals adds value to your service especially as broken door seals will impact on your customers’ energy costs and hygiene ratings.

As well as saving money and time, buying from a British manufacturer helps your carbon reporting. Because we’re UK-based, your seals are manufactured here and dispatched in one swift delivery. This is a serious consideration for larger clients so buying from home rather than abroad helps everyone to be greener.

More and more service companies are joining us to make all these key savings. So why not give us a try and let us take the pain out of the door seal process!

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Why GasketGuy?

Online ordering

Designed for admin and engineers to request quotations or order.

Gasket Asset Register

Your bespoke register ensures 100% serviceability for all future door seal requirements.

Fast dispatch

High quality door seals sent direct to site for speedy replacement.

Autonumis Fridge Seals
Blizzard Fridge Seals and Gaskets
Carter Fridge Seals and Gaskets
Electrolux Fridge Seals
Epta Fridge Seals
Foster Fridge Seals
Franke Fridge Seals and Gaskets
Gamko Fridge Seals
Gram Fridge Seals and Gaskets
Replacement iarp Fridge Seals
Replacement Infrico Fridge Seals
Modial Elite Fridge Seals
Polar Fridge Seals
Replacement Precision Fridge Seals
Schott Termofrost Fridge Seals
True Fridge Seals
Zanussi Fridge Seals and Gaskets
Williams Fridge Seals

Our process

Easy ordering

We are the only UK door seal manufacturer who offer a supply and fitting service, an online ordering service together with site inspections and Gasket Asset Registers.

Swift delivery

With large stocks and manufacturing in the UK, we can provide fast lead times delivering a swift solution to your door seal requirements, together with lowering your carbon footprint by purchasing within the UK

Saving time and energy

Ordering directly from us saves time spent sourcing seals from the original equipment manufacturers. Our quick turnaround saves your appliances from using extra energy to maintain their cool.

British Made Fridge Seals

Benefits of buying British

  • Travel miles
  • Local support
  • Quality product

Buy from us and you're buying British, as we manufacture your seals right here in the UK. Plus buying from Gasket Guy means a faster, cheaper, greener service.

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Frequently asked questions

I am fed up for buying OEM seals only for them not to fit. Can you help?

Many engineers tell us they have a corner of their van dedicated to a door seal graveyard. It’s where all the wrong door seals live in hope for a perfect fit, just like the Ugly Sisters did in Cinderella. We often hear about the sheer exasperation of supplying all the information to suppliers, the waiting for weeks, only for the seals to arrive – and not fit.

We manufacture every seal to order. We match your existing seal to one of our many profiles then make it to your size. This way you know when you order that it will fit, providing a fairy tale ending to the whole saga.

Register as a trade customer and we can provide you with Gasket Sample packs to assist you with ordering. When you’re onsite, you simply identify the profile you need, take the measurements, order online or give us a call to place the order. We can manufacture most commercial makes so no more ordering from a range of different suppliers and waiting weeks to receive your seals. We are the one stop shop for all your door seal needs.

The Original Equipment Manufacturers’ seals have a six week lead time and our customer is chasing.

We hold vast stocks of the most common profiles used on UK commercial refrigeration. Once we have identified the profile needed and measurements, we can make and dispatch within days, not weeks, ensuring happy customers. Either follow our Find a Seal process or register for a trade account and we can send our Gasket Sample Packs to assist you with identifying what’s needed for all future door seal requirements. Register today and you will also receive trade prices and multi-buy discounts.

Our customers’ fridges have no ID plate info. What information do you need to make a bespoke seal?

We manufacture seals for most makes of commercial refrigeration, even if the appliances are old, obsolete or have no ID. We do this by matching the existing seal to one of our many profiles. Then with the dart or outside measurement, we manufacture to order. Just follow our Find a Seal process or register for a trade account and we can send our Gasket Sample Packs to assist you with identifying what’s needed for all future door seal requirements. Register today and you will also receive trade prices and multi-buy discounts.

We are accountable for reducing carbon emissions for our customers. How can you demonstrate this?

Retail food outlets in the UK are responsible for around 3% of total electrical energy consumption and 1% of total GHG emissions. In a commercial kitchen, 41% of energy consumption is attributed to refrigeration. A split door seal will allow warm air to circulate and force the compressor to work harder to maintain temperature, thus using more energy. By regularly inspecting and replacing door seals as soon as they split, energy usage and costs are immediately lowered.

By buying from a British manufacturer, you are reducing your carbon footprint in the supply chain as all Original Equipment Manufacturers are based overseas. So this means one delivery of door seals for all the brands you hold, manufactured and delivered in the UK, as opposed to multiple brands of seals being imported from different manufacturers across the globe.

We are looking for one supplier for all our door seals. Can you help?

We are the one stop shop for commercial door seals. We manufacture most makes and models, even old, obsolete door seals previously impossible to source. We can create your Gasket Asset Register which will guarantee 100% serviceability, provide cost savings for the bottom line and save you time sourcing from multiple suppliers. Plus buying from a British manufacturer will reduce your carbon footprint too.

CTC Refrigeration

North West business with a large client roster including fast food outlets such as McDonalds, Burger King and Subway, who need their seals fast.

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