Maintain your door seal

Door seals are a key component of every commercial kitchen’s efficiency. They’re designed to form an airtight seal, keeping warm air out and the food inside at the correct temperature. A well fitted and maintained door seal also helps regulate the internal temperature of your appliance.

If your door gaskets aren’t sealing properly, are split or broken, you will soon see food spoiling and high energy bills. Longer term, the compressors will be having to work much harder to maintain temperature which could curtail the lifespan of your appliances.

Door seals are an integral part of any environmental health inspection so cracked or poorly fitting door seals can affect your hygiene rating.

Keeping your door seals in good condition with regular cleaning, is an important preventative measure that will repay you in both time and money as well as eliminating a breeding ground for disease and mould. Seals are made from PVC and can become more susceptible to lipids (animal fats) with age, as they lose their flexibility and split.

Cleaning your seals should form part of your kitchen’s regular maintenance to help prolong the life span of your door seals.


  • Use a soft brush or wipe away any food particles and dirt trapped in the seal
  • Use a prescribed cleaner for PVC or try one of our water-based methods (see our list below)
  • Let the cleaner sit on the seals for at least 30 seconds before wiping clean with a soft dry cloth
  • Repeat until the seals are clean


  • Don’t use anything sharp, even if it’s wrapped in a cloth, to get between the folds of the gasket. Simply use a soft cloth or toothbrush to clean gently any stubborn areas
  • Avoid using hard detergents containing bleach or ammonia directly on to the gasket
  • We don’t recommend removing the seals to hand wash or put in a dishwater as both methods can reduce their lifespan.

Recommended cleaning methods

  • Use a fragrance-free professional PVC cleaner on all types of refrigeration
  • Mix one part vinegar and two parts water for a solution to wipe away mould or bacteria safely
  • Mix one part vinegar and three parts water and use with a sponge or toothbrush to remove food. Lightly dry with a paper towel
  • Mix one part bleach to seven parts water to spray on to seals. Then carefully clean with a soft cloth, sponge or toothbrush

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