Why replace your door seals

  • Gaskets that become worn, brittle or cracked, allowing warm air to circulate past the insulated doors. This causes the temperature to drop, warming the food inside thus creating a greater risk of food spoilage.
  • Cracked gaskets pose a health hazard by providing a hard-to-clean breeding ground for salmonella and other micro-organisms.
  • Poor-fitting or split gaskets also make the compressor work harder trying to keep the unit cold wearing out expensive equipment early and raising the cost of your electricity bill!
  • Gaskets form part of your regular Environmental Health inspections and if found to be faulty you may be granted a very limited time to replace them or face the appliance being condemned.
  • Hygiene star ratings are important to any food business. You could face losing valuable rating points by having faulty door seals.
  • We all need to do our bit for the environment so why send throw away a perfectly functioning fridge for the want of a new door seal. Simply replace and care for your door seals and the appliance could serve you for many years to come.

When should you replace your door seals?

  • When the door seal is not staying in the track and has become stretched and saggy.
  • When the door is not holding firm against the appliance. A good test is placing a £5 note between the appliance and the door. If you can pull out the fiver easily then the seal is not grabbing the door and allowing cold air to escape and warm air in. Just imagine that it's £5 notes leaking out of your fridge with the extra energy being used to keep it cool. Replace immediately with a new seal and save those fivers from escaping.
  • Check the seals when you clean them. Check for any splits between the folds of the gasket. The most common places are on the opening side of the door when people use the side to open the door instead of the handle and the top of the door seal where it's more susceptible to catching dripped liquids causing it to dry and harden. Don’t forget to check the less obvious places like the hinges which can become pinched, if the hinges and door are not in line. Also, check at the bottom where the seals might come into contact with splashes from floor cleaning products. These are areas that your Environmental Health Officer will check.
  • If your fridge or freezer is icing up, which is a sign that warm air is getting in or if it’s simply failing to maintain temperature – both point to a new seal being required.

How to replace

Here at GasketGuy, we are the refrigeration door seal experts. GasketGuy can make and install your new door seals all on the same day right across the South West.

We have nationally affiliated GasketGuy engineers who can identify and replace your seals. Find your engineer here.

If you want to identify and replace your own gasket go to our “find a door seal” and follow our easy steps.

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