Our Values and Goals

Elevating Excellence: Unveiling Our Commitments and Aspirations

Our mission statement – We are UK manufacturers of commercial refrigeration seals, offering our customers a fast, competitive and environmentally friendly service.

Our vision statement – We want to be recognised as the market leader in the supply of commercial refrigeration seals, whilst retaining the friendly, personal service on which we have built our business. We also want to play our part in raising awareness about the importance of buying British and encouraging our customers to realise the importance of maintaining healthy seals, thus saving energy costs.

Our values – We believe in transparency in everything we do, not just fulfilling but exceeding our promises. We believe in teamwork, and that a happy team works cohesively and collaboratively to produce the best results for our customers, and also for company morale. We believe in creativity, finding new ways to provide the best possible service for our customers. We believe in respect, treating customers and employees alike to the highest standards. We believe in passion, for the work we do, for customer satisfaction and for our shared objectives.

Our accreditation - We are proud to have been awarded SafeSupplier status, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, compliance with all current regulations and committed to continuously improving health and safety standards. We want to give our clients peace of mind that we're a safe company to use.

Our goals - We would like to see the Government put in place a scheme to encourage and reward businesses for curbing unnecessary loss of energy, for example, having a strategy to replace broken seals more quickly, thus reducing carbon emissions. We are campaigning to spotlight this simple and effective saving.

The Statistics - The facts speak for themselves. Up to 50% of the energy spend in most supermarkets is on refrigeration and up to 60% in food convenience stores. Refrigeration is responsible for a major percentage of the electrical energy consumption of retail food stores ranging from around 25%-30% for hypermarkets to over 60% for food-dominant convenience stores. A recent survey of UK pub restaurants revealed that their average daily consumption of energy on refrigeration was 70 kWh. The grills and ovens each around used half that. The UK is committed to an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, compared with the levels in 1990. Simple measures like checking seals should be at the forefront of this campaign.

Target market summary – We are keen to talk to any UK business with commercial refrigeration - from national and international supermarket and hotel chains to the small café on the beach. Sectors we work with include food retail, restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs, hospitals, laboratories, mortuaries – the list is endless. We offer an online supply service, fitting when required and bespoke Gasket Asset Registers for easy ordering. Key gains for our customers are saving time, money and ensuring 100% serviceability, together with buying British to reduce their carbon footprint and reducing their energy costs with a prompt replacement service.

British Made Fridge Seals

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  • Travel miles
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  • Quality product

Buy from us and you're buying British, as we manufacture your seals right here in the UK. Plus buying from Gasket Guy means a faster, cheaper, greener service.

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