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How does a fridge seal work?

One question we sometimes get from customers is, 'How does a fridge seal work?' As this article explains, fridge seals (aka gaskets) operate on a simple but very effective basis.

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How to fix the rubber seal on fridge doors

Are your commercial fridge or freezer gaskets visibly worn, cracked, twisted or just won't 'grab'? We explain how to fix the rubber seal on fridge and freezer doors, from identifying the problem and sourcing the correct profile to installing your new gasket.

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How to repair fridge door seal gaskets

Are you looking for reliable information on how to repair fridge door seal gaskets? This article explains the importance of an effective gasket for your business. It then explains when and how to repair or replace your fridge door seals.

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how to remove mold from fridge seal

Would your kitchen pass a surprise hygiene inspection today? Do your appliances look and smell clean inside? Visible mould on fridge gaskets could raise questions about overall standards. We look at why mould build up happens, how to prevent it and how to remove mould from fridge seals.

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How to Replace a Freezer Door Seal

In a busy kitchen, time is of the essence when replacing freezer seals. With Gasket Guy, you can quickly and easily obtain a replacement freezer door seal and have it fitted with minimal down time. This article sets out the simple steps you need to take when replacing your gaskets.

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How to Replace a Fridge Door Seal

Looking for help with how to replace a fridge door seal? With hundreds of different types to choose from, the hardest part of replacing a worn or damaged fridge seal (also called a fridge gasket) is often sourcing the new seal. We show you the easiest and quickest way to find and fit the gasket you need for your model.

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Trees for Seals campaign for Earth Day 2021

GasketGuy is marking Earth Day by launching our ‘Tree’s for Seals’ Campaign. From 22nd April until 22nd May we will donate £1 for every door seal installed by our GasketGuy Engineers, to the local Dartmoor tree planting charity Moor Trees.

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18 year old fridges saved from the scrap heap with new door seals from Gasket-Guy

Commercial fridges and freezers are an expensive investment and no business wants the cost of replacing simply because of obsolete parts. Pauline's Creamery in Newquay are ready for their re-opening thanks to a Gasket-Guy inspection.

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Our new GasketGuy online ordering really is saving our customers time and money, don't just take our word for it, here is Dave from Cooldown Refrigeration's story.

Dave made his first GasketGuy online order today and called to double-check he’d got everything right. Whilst on the phone he said how simple and straightforward the process was. He was delighted with the time the website saved him as he identified the correct seal and ordered the gaskets online whilst he was still on-site with the customer!

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How we slashed a customers quote in half with our refrigeration door seals

No business wants to pay more than they need to and especially not now when hospitality is just opening up after lockdown. It was fantastic to hear how one of our valued service engineers saved his customer over 50% on their door seal order by using GasketGuy.

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