What is a door seal or a gasket?

The door seal or gasket, is the flexible rubber or PVC plastic that sits on a refrigeration appliance door to create an airtight seal. Stopping warm air getting in and raising the temperature and keeping the cool air in.

GasketGuy manufactures commercial door seals for most makes and models. We can provide walk in fridge door seals, coldroom freezer door seals, upright fridge seals and freezer seals, under counter fridges and freezer door seals, drawers, bottle coolers, wine chillers, ice cream makers, laboratory fridges, mortuary chillers and many more commercial refrigeration appliances.

Check out all the different door seals available or why not request a GasketGuy visit to replace your fridge or freezer seal plus we can perform a full site inspection during our visit.

How do I measure the door seal correctly?

Once you have found your fridge seal replacement all we need are the correct measurements to make and send it to you. Follow our "How to take measurements" for a step by step guide. If in doubt, give us a call for any further assistance.

How do I find the right door seal?

GasketGuy has hundreds of commercial refrigeration gaskets available on our product page.

If you have any issue identifying the correct freezer gasket or fridge seal simply follow our "Identify a gasket profile" guide where you can also send us photos of your existing door seal so we can assist you on selecting the correct match.

GasketGuy can inspect, make and install your commerical fridge door seals on the day with our GasketGuy service. Why not request a visit?

Why do I need to replace a commercial door seal

All commercial kitchens that provide food for the public have to follow strict health & hygiene regulations which include maintaining efficiant fridge door seals. Door seals that become worn, brittle or cracked allow air to circulate past the insulated doors. This causes the temperature to drop inside, thus creating a greater risk of food spoilage.

Broken or split commercial fridge door seals also pose a health hazard by providing a hard-to-clean breeding ground for salmonella and other micro organisms. Commercial refrigeration door seals are one of the items thoroughly checked by your Environmental Health Officer and if they are found to be faulty you may only be granted a short time in which to get them replaced. Door seals also count towards your all important Hygiene Ratings. So why not arrange a GasketGuy site inspection to check your fridge and freezer seals to ensure you are ready for your next Enviromental Health & Hygiene visit?

Faulty door seals also make the motor work much harder to keep the refrigerator cold so wearing out expensive equipment early and raising the cost of your electricity bill!

My commercial freezer is so old I don't even know the name of the manufacturer. So how do I find a gasket?

Here are GasketGuy, we can offer expert advice and assistance in finding the right commercial fridge door seal or commerical freezer door seal for any appliance, regardless of age or make or model.

There are two options available. The first is to request a visit from our GasketGuy engineers so we can identify the correct commercial freezer door seal required. We can also perform a full site inspection to check all your commericial refrigeration gaskets and create a bespoke asset register for future orders.

The second is to find the right match for your appliance from our website. You can take a look at all our products or if you need some assistance simply go to our "Identify a profile" and follow the step by step guide.

We have a team of experts available to help, click on the on line chat, send us an email or give us a call.

How will I know when our gaskets need changing?

Commercial refrigeration gaskets will need to be replaced when they split, crack or become brittle with age. This can happen for a number of reasons but for more information on when to replace your door seals visit our information page.

I have had a visit from the Environmental Health Officer and I have just one week to replace my fridge door seals.

Commercial refrigeration gaskets are part of an EHO inspection and count towards your Hygiene Ratings. We can assist you with keeping compliant and replacing the door seals as quickly as possible.

There are two options available. First you can book a GasketGuy visit where we can identify, make and install your fridge door seal replacement on the day. Alternatively you can browse the replacement profiles to find the correct match. You can also search by the make of the appliance too. If you need any assistance simply visit our "Identify a profile" page for more information. Either way we are on hand to help you which ever option you choose.

We have just taken over a business and have no idea of when the seals were last replaced, can you help?

GasketGuy can inspect, make and install quality commericial refrigeration door seals on the day with our mobile units. We can also perform full site inspections to identify each commercial refrigeration door gasket required for all your appliances. We will provide a report on those which need replacing immediately and create an asset register for all the appliances to assist with future orders. Simply request your GasketGuy visit and let us take care of your replacement door gaskets.

We have been told that we can't get a replacement gasket for our fridge and need to buy a new door, is this true?

Unfortunately this can be the case with some commercial refrigeration as many manufactures produce units with have non replaceable door gaskets. This means when the gasket needs replacing you have no choice but to buy a whole new door. Unfortunately, many customers do not think about having to change gaskets in the future. So it can come as a nasty shock when they have to be replaced.

However, GasketGuy custom manufactures gaskets therefore we can replace many gaskets that service companies can't. We can actually change gaskets in some of the fridges and freezers with 'non replaceable gaskets', such as Mondial Elite and Imperial, so give us a call and we could save you an unnecessary expense.

I have an extremely busy kitchen which is constantly in use, do I need to clear my fridges to replace door seals?

GasketGuy can arrange a visit first thing or at a quieter time to suit your business. Our engineers are used to replacing commercial fridge door seals in a busy kitchen, working around the chefs. Once we have identified the profile required for your replacement fridge or freezer seal we can make the new seal in our mobile unit and replace it quickly. There is no need to clear out the fridge or make any special arrangements, our engineers will only remove the old fridge seal when the new seal is made and ready to be installed. Minimum fuss, no disruption, all done the same day, simply request a GasketGuy visit.

I have a very unusual German fridge and I have been told parts will take over a month to arrive and will cost a fortune! How can you help?

GasketGuy manufacturers commercial refrigeration gaskets for all makes and models. We are not reliant on the manufacturers information to be able to find the right match for your appliance. Once we have identified the profile required all we need is the measurements and then then your new commercial refrigeration door gasket can be made and posted to you. Alternatively you can request a GasketGuy visit.

I can't get replacement parts for my fridges as they are now obsolete. Is my only option to buy new fridges?

Most people, including refrigeration engineers, have to go direct to manufacturers or suppliers to get replacement parts. Therefore if the appliances are no longer produced its not long before the parts become obsolete. Hense the only option is to suggest for you to buy new. However, GasketGuy custom manufactures all gaskets so once we have established what type you need, we can supply you with your gaskets and it will be by far the cheaper option. GasketGuy can perform a full site inspection to identify all your future replacement door seals and provide a full report on the current state of your door seals.

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