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Whatever the size of your business, if you’re providing sales of food and drink to the general public, your fridges and freezers need to be safe and energy efficient. When your seals stop doing their job, you need to act fast to save your stock, reduce energy and stay compliant.

We are the one-stop shop for all makes of commercial appliances. You can order online and fit yourself, thanks to our easy guides. Even if you don’t know the make of your fridge or it is obsolete, we can help find a solution to save your fridge from the scrapheap!

We can manufacture, supply and can also fit your seals. We are UK manufacturers with huge stocks and 200+ door seal profiles so we can offer a fast simple service to keep you in business. Buying direct from us, as a UK manufacturer, removes multiple profits added by purchasing from wholesalers or refrigeration companies and cuts out supply chain delays.

There’s a lot at stake when door seals fail: food waste, health risks, hard won environmental hygiene stars, not to mention a bigger energy bill, loss of earnings and a hard-earned reputation. In a typical commercial kitchen, 41% of the energy bill goes on refrigeration. A broken seal can use up to 25% more energy to keep your food and drinks cold. Unlike a dripping tap where you can see your money going literally down the drain, you might not be aware that your energy bill is creeping up until it hits your inbox.

Our supply and fit service includes a free inspection of all your appliances with a health check on your seals. We then create your bespoke asset register with coded stickers to speed up future door seal replacements saving you valuable time. Simply tell us the code and we’ll give you a quote.

Many service engineers tell us they loathe sourcing door seals as it can involve a lot of work for little reward, chasing multiple manufacturers overseas, with the potential for months of waiting. With your bespoke Gasket Asset Register, you take control by saving money on a service engineer call out as we can supply your seal for you to fit or visit and install for you - your choice!

We work regularly with restaurants, cafes, hotels, pubs, schools, hospitals, garden centres, convenience stores, works canteens, schools, bakeries, butchers and leisure centres. Whatever your sector, no matter how large or small your business, we're here to help.

If your business is part of a franchise or larger chain, please visit our Groups & Chains page.

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Why GasketGuy?

Order online

If you wish to order and fit yourself, follow our guide and place your order. If you need assistance, we are always on hand to help.

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Gasket Guys will attend, inspect, and replace your door seals as well as performing a full inspection to create your Gasket Asset Register to assist with future orders.

New seals fitted

Whichever service you choose, the result will be high quality replacement door seals for your fridges and freezers installed or supplied direct from a UK manufacturer saving time, money and carbon emissions.

Autonumis Fridge Seals
Blizzard Fridge Seals and Gaskets
Carter Fridge Seals and Gaskets
Electrolux Fridge Seals
Epta Fridge Seals
Foster Fridge Seals
Franke Fridge Seals and Gaskets
Gamko Fridge Seals
Gram Fridge Seals and Gaskets
Replacement iarp Fridge Seals
Replacement Infrico Fridge Seals
Modial Elite Fridge Seals
Polar Fridge Seals
Replacement Precision Fridge Seals
Schott Termofrost Fridge Seals
True Fridge Seals
Zanussi Fridge Seals and Gaskets
Williams Fridge Seals

Our process

Easy ordering

Don’t chuck out that fridge just yet! We keep huge stocks of components and can manufacture quickly whatever you require. Even if your appliances are old and parts possibly obsolete, we can make seals to give your unit a longer lifespan, reduce landfill and do your bit for the planet.

Save that fridge

Buying direct from us in the UK immediately removes third party costs and shipping from abroad. We can manufacture seals for obsolete appliances saving them from the scrapheap.

Go greener

Reduce your carbon footprint by using a UK manufacturer for all your door seals. Original equipment manufacturers are based overseas therefore the carbon emissions for importing all your door seals comes at a cost to the planet. Play your part with choosing a sustainable UK one stop-shop.

British Made Fridge Seals

Benefits of buying British

  • Travel miles
  • Local support
  • Quality product

Buy from us and you're buying British, as we manufacture your seals right here in the UK. Plus buying from Gasket Guy means a faster, cheaper, greener service.

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Frequently asked questions

We’ve had an Environmental Health Visit and have two weeks to replace door seals. Can you help?

Absolutely! Simply follow our Find a Seal guide to identify the seals needed. If this is one of our stocked profiles we can make and dispatch within 2-5 days. If it isn’t, we will endeavour to get it dispatched within 5-10 days. We can also provide confirmation for your Environmental Health Officers that we are assisting you with your door seals. Depending on location, we can provide our supply and fit service or quickly dispatch the seals for you to fit.

Do you replace door seals for domestic fridges or freezers?

In most cases the answer is no, as the seal is normally bonded to the door. However, some domestic appliances do have replaceable seals which are fitted into a track on the door. In this instance, just visit our Find a Seal page to identify what’s required. You can also send us photos if you need assistance.

My old commercial fridge has no make or model info. How can I find a replacement door seal?

We can match your existing door seal to the many profiles we have available. Once you have identified the correct match, we make the seal to your exact specifications. Visit our Find a Seal page to identify your door seals. Send us photos if you need help.

How do I find the right door seal?

GasketGuy has hundreds of commercial refrigeration seals available on our product page.

If you have any issue identifying the correct freezer gasket or fridge seal, simply visit our Find A Seal page. You can also send us photos of your existing door seal so we can assist you in selecting the correct match.

For South West customers, GasketGuy can inspect, make and install your commerical fridge door seals on the day with our GasketGuy service. Why not request a visit?

I have found my replacement seal but what measurements are needed for me to order?

To manufacture your replacement seal, we simply need to know the exact height and width. Go to our Find a seal page and follow our measurements guide. The truest measurement is from where the seal pushes into the track on the door. For all other seals without a dart, the measure is from the absolute outside edge of the existing door seal itself.

My fridge keeps icing up and isn’t holding temperature. Do I need a new door seal?

Probably the answer is yes. When a door seal has split or not working correctly, it is allowing warm air into your appliance which will then form into ice. Sometimes a fridge can carry on maintaining temperature with a split door seal but the compressor will be working twice as hard to do this, using much more energy. Eventually as the seal deteriorates further, the fridge simply cannot keep the contents cold.

Do we need to have a service engineer to install our door seals or can our staff fit them?

Most commercial door seals are a push-in dart/arrow style seal which fit into a grooved track around the door. Alternatively, they can be a retainer style seal which are common on bottle coolers. These normally have a retainer bar or plate which is screwed in to hold the seal in place. With all our orders, we include a fitting guide.

You can also read about fitting tips on our Find a Seal page. It’s really straightforward but we are always on hand to assist. We can arrange a call with our engineers if you need further help. We also offer a make and fit seal service in the South West if you would prefer to let us do it for you.

I have been told the door seals for my freezer are obsolete. Will I have to throw it away and buy a new one?

Not yet! We have hundreds of profiles for commercial refrigeration so even if the manufacturer has made your door seal obsolete, we can assist by finding the right match and make it to the size required. Simply follow the steps on our Find a Seal page so we can help save your freezer from landfill.

How long are the lead times once I place an order?

If the profile selected is one of our many stocked items, we aim to dispatch your order within 2-5 working days. If it is a non-stocked profile, please allow 5-10 working days. These dispatch times will show up on the profile you select online. We strive to achieve fast turnaround times and if your order is time-critical, please let us know and we will do our best to dispatch as soon as we can.

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