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The story

‘We were impressed right from the start’


CTC Refrigeration is a family business set up in 1990 covering the whole of the North West including the Lake District and Manchester and boasts a large client roster including McDonalds, Burger King and Subway. Leanne Worth of CTC talks about their experience.

The problem

‘The lead times from our suppliers had often been months and the seals were often very poor quality. We’re really busy and we get through an awful lot of seals. We found Gasket Guy through Google five years ago after a long struggle to get hold of fridge seals and thought we’d give them a go.’

The Solution

Cheap & Fast

‘We were impressed with Gasket Guy right from the start. The service is really good and fast. It’s much cheaper than buying direct from the suppliers and also the seals are much better quality. They make them to order.

‘We now have a Gasket Guy Asset Register too which makes it even quicker. Even our customers are impressed at the quality of the seals. Our service engineers know they are manufactured by Gasket Guy and that they will be of good quality. We’re still currently ordering one brand from the original manufacturer but it’s slow so Gasket Guy are going to take a look at the seals and hopefully manufacture them for us as well.’

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