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The story

‘They’ve done a phenomenal job rationalising our spend across the whole estate’

Scotland’s largest and most diversified hospitality group

Their portfolio includes fine dining restaurants, boutique hotels, state of the art nightclubs, bijoux cinemas and even a casino. The Scotsman Group also boast Scotland’s smallest pub and the UK’s only independent IMAX cinema.

The problem

With a large hospitality portfolio, the Scotsman group have a vast amount of refrigeration equipment in their many kitchens and bars that require regular maintenance. Sourcing thousands of different replacement door seals across the group was a full-time job. ‘The final straw,’ said Scott Van Der Hoek, Director of Food Operations, ‘came with a quote for door seals costing over £150 each!’ Engineer Alan Blood flew to Scotland spending ten days visiting more than 40 venues, inspecting every refrigeration appliance and creating a bespoke asset register, together with health of the current seal, recommended time to replace, and the cost.

The Solution

The solution

Within weeks, the replacement seals had arrived at all the venues ready to install. Gasket Guy were able to quote 70% off those £150 seals with ongoing cost savings on all future seal orders.

‘Gasket Guy have done a phenomenal job on rationalizing our spend on fridge seals across the entire estate whilst offering a quality bespoke product. We have found this to be an extremely cost-effective way of renewing and replacing seals as and when they break. The customer service has been second to none and I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a similar service.’
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Scott van der Hoek, Director

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