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The story

‘It really fulfils our needs.’


Empire Services SW is a relatively new company, supplying refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps. Empire’s managing director Andy Ward had been a customer of Gasket Guy for nearly five years with his previous company. He initially heard about Gasket Guy through contacts and decided to give them a try.

The problem

‘It was always so difficult sourcing door seals for fridges, and something we have never had the time to do. Service engineers ended up with loads of seals that never fitted. The one thing we don’t have time for is to track down our own bespoke door seals. We have maintenance contracts and the service needs to be speedy.’

The Solution


‘With Gasket Guy it’s much quicker and competitively priced. They did asset registers to save the service engineers the hassle of contacting OEMs. If our clients have enough assets on site, we get them all registered now.

‘And there’s flexibility here too. They either come out directly to the customer and do the work for us or we order and fit them. It really fulfils our needs. It’s incredibly important when we’re dealing with a multitude of spare parts and it needs to be speedy.’

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